Blended Learning: A boon or bane

As the name suggests, Blended Learning, aka Hybrid learning is a method of teaching by integrating technology into our day to day life for knowledge or information. In this form of learning, we are not fixated on classic face to face active classroom, but also open to virtual classroom or meetings. It is also to be noted that Blended learning does not only involve recorded lectures or a live classroom but also includes the innovative digital techniques to help people understand the matter in hand. It is a combination of technological innovations with traditional way of teaching.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, we humans started depending on the technologies more than ever, as it was not safe to meet and greet in the classic way, whether the meeting is for business, political or educational purpose. The impact was so deep that it shook the whole world and force us all to adapt and rely on the technologies for almost every aspect of life. Education was one of them, it is a widely accepted fact that the development in technologies in this COVID era has been remarkable. Before it, use of technology in education was very limited, only a few part of the section of the society or institutions could provide for such innovative learning with the help of smart class, for example.

It cannot be said a Bane, as it has allowed a huge section of the society to learn new thing creatively and easily. The students are now not strictly restricted to the offline traditional face to face classes, rather they have the opportunity to go hybrid or enrol in online classes though with they can learn new things in an innovative way from any place. The blended learning has also helped the teachers or professors save their manpower, by designing courses, preparing innovative materials to help students learn.

In this everchanging world, we humans are bound to change with every thing else around us, and adapt with modern technologies that are designed for making our life smoother. Technology may be a bane according to orthodox people who are rigid to adaptation, but we cannot change the fact, that it has help mankind in every field and at this point of time, it is quite hard to imagine life without it. And such a thing is bound to be beneficial in the education system as well.

We must accept Blended learning as a boon, as it most definitely holds a lot of potential to make learning more innovative and interesting.     

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