Forensic Science & Criminal Justice System In India

Criminal justice forms part of the set of processes, bodies, and institutions that aim to secure or restore social control[1]. The latter may be defined as ‘the organized ways in which society responds to behavior and people it regards as deviant, problematic, worrying, threatening, troublesome, and undesirable’[2]. The administration of criminal justice primarily rests on …

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Covid-19 & Human Behaviour

COVID19 pandemic is a disease more of its fear than of its nature. The coronavirus is quite simply, and almost exclusively, a moral panic. This is so in the most literal sense. Human bodies, minds, societies, systems of meaning, norms, and morality have co-evolved with pathogens. Determining who drove whom in this dark scenario is currently unclear. The negativity …

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Human Right & NHRC

Human rights are inherent in all human being and its recognition gives full enjoyment of the same. The term Human in itself refers to a bundle of rights, woven in perpetuity to human life. All human beings are empowered to live a dignified life. The term ‘Human life’ is not limited to a mere animal …

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