Compensation For Motor Accident Claims Can Be Awarded To Children and Parents Also: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of India in the case of The New India Assurance Company Limited v. Somwati, Ashok Bhushan and R. Subhash Reddy stated that the in case of Motor Accident Claims, compensation for loss of Consortium can be awarded to children and parents also. Further the court also stated that the expression ‘compensation’ is a comprehensive term that includes a claim for the damages and it also referred to the Black’s Law Dictionary and stated that the “The word ‘consortium’ has been defined in Black’s Law Dictionary. Black’s Law dictionary also simultaneously notices the filial consortium, parental consortium, and spousal consortium.
(Consortium: The benefits that one person, especially a spouse is entitled to receive from another, including companionship, cooperation, affection, aid, financial support, and (between spouses) sexual relations a claim for loss of consortium.)

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