Covid 19 Vaccines – A pre mature success

There are 5 stages regarding approval of corona vaccine (In India, approval is taken by the Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation): –

  1. Pre- Clinical Testing: Trail of Vaccine is done on animals and the immune responses are observed.
  2. Phase I Safety Trails: Vaccine is tested on small number of people, the immune responses and safety are considered.
  3. Phase II expanded trails: vaccines are given to different age group person.
  4. Phase III Efficacy trials: The vaccines are tested on 1000s of peoples and its efficacy rates are reported.
  5. Approval: The question of regulation of vaccine is considered by observing all responses.
    There are 148+ Corona Vaccine till today’s date throughout the world under different stages of approval. 125+ of them are under principal testing, 11 in phase I (India’s Covaxin is under 2nd stage of development. ICMR and NIV with their co-ordination created this vaccine, and the firm who will endorse it is BBIL), 8 in phase II, 3 in phase III and 1 is approved. The approved vaccine is created in china by CanSino Biologics and The Beijing Institute of Bio technology. The name of the vaccine is ‘CanSino’ vaccine. The use of this vaccine is limited to the military personals.

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