Impact of COVID on employment

Covid-19 or novel corona virus was a new strain of corona virus that was discovered in Wuhan, china which spread to every other country and turned into a pandemic which resulted in various changes among lifestyle of an individual but was not limited to a person’s day to day life but on the economy as a whole. The impact on economy was due to the unforeseen effects which would take place following the spread of corona virus. The lockdown was one of the major components as to the rise of unemployment and the loss of jobs in the market due to the less demand of that particular commodity or service.

One of the finest examples that can be cited here is the mass slashing of 3000 jobs by uber, sidelining extraneous projects and shuttering dozens of offices after corona virus slammed its ride hailing business. Among the most affected are the people who work in the food industry. Due to the rising paranoia among people, Most of the population stopped going to restaurants or eateries which have led to shut down of many start-up cafes and the financial depletion of their owners forcing many to go out of business.

But that’s not even the tip of the ice-berg. The constituent of the population of the unemployed who are daily wage worker’s numbers are shocking .Due to the unemployment created by covid-19 the workers were forced to return home whilst walking thousands of kilometers due to the ticket prices of trains and buses being thrice as much and rendering most of them helpless in this case. The death of 16 migrant workers who were run over by a goods train in Maharashtra was an example of their helpless in affording lodging and their desire to go home; it also shows us the communication gap between the government and the grass root tier daily wage workers.

Though the government is preaching that it was well equipped in handling the covid-19 situation but it is a different thing to preach and it’s a different thing to practice, if something is evident as per the current scenario, it’s the inadequacy of our government to care for the daily wage workers.

But all the blame should not be tilted in the scales of the government only; Companies should have been more considerate in paying their employees and not cutting their salaries and their jobs in times like these.

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