Custodial Crimes

From 2001 to 2007, only 26 policemen convicted while the number of custodial death races to 1700 and above. Out of which only 5% deaths were claimed to be custodial deaths, rest were digested under the face of suicide and Hospitalization death. Ex- Four out of 70 custodial deaths in 2018 were recognized to ‘injuries during custody due to physical assault by police. Though the strict guidelines of DK Basu case, we find ourselves at the pre DK Basu conjecture.
The recent death of father and son from Tamil Nadu allegedly due to custodial violence has outburst the anger across India. The contention of Tamil Nadu police was that “DK Bas guidelines only apply to pure police custody and not to judicial custody. While the aforementioned statement manifests the ignorance of procedure and intent to debar the implementation of DK Basu guidelines in its fullest sense.

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