Cyber Crimes

As the evolution takes place in India, the crimes will be evolved and there will be a need to have remedies to those crimes. One such new evolved crime is cybercrime. As the world is shifting to the computers, the crime rates related to the computer has increased. In 2020, the successful case of cyber crime was 80.7 percent; in 2019 the successful case was around 78 percent, in 2018 the successful case was around 77.2 percent, in 2017 the successful case was around 79.2 percent, and in 2016 the successful case was around 75.6 percent.[1]

These kinds of crimes are different from the other kind of crimes, therefore, there is a need of having special techniques, experts, and procedures to follow them. This kind of crime causes great loss to the economy as well as violation of human security. Some of such cyber-crimes are vandalism, electronic money laundering, terrorism, extortion, and so on.

There are many reasons to indulge with the study of the cyber crime. Like for instances:

  1. The information of the technological platform is mostly located or stored in a small place. Therefore, there is a high chance of having hacking or any other kind of cybercrime which can be accessed both by physical or virtual mode. This may also alter the sensitive materials.
  2. And for criminals, these cybercrimes a kind of easy act, and many new learners are also interested in such crime. It endangers the security system. The recent example of banning Chinese apps for security purposes.
  3. The evidence that is stored in the computer can easily be altered and will lead to the destruction of the same. It can easily erase the documents even for the high secured websites when such has full knowledge about the same.
  4. It can be noted that the slight negligence by the user can risk the documents and gain to the hackers and fulfill their evil intentions.

Types of the cyber crime

  • The computer is itself a target of a crime

-Virus and virus hoax

These viruses cause huge damage to confidential information especially of banking, business, and so on. It can also create replications of the original file. They can act as file infectors or boot record infectors.

-Email spoofing

In this kind any kind of the mail is misrepresented and this is the arising crime in today’s time.

-Computer vandalism

This literally means destroying the property of another person which may amount to damaging destroying of the computer and there are also chances of theft of a computer.

  • The computer is used to commit the crime


In this, the person sends or looks through another person to various computer platforms to cause any kind of annoyance to that person. They are in the position of unwilling participation. There are also some kinds of online threats and harassment.

-Cyber terrorism

These crimes cause threats to the security of the states at the international level. This is done by the group of religious, political, or social kinds of thoughts and ideas. It can also cause a threat to the kind of the people, by affecting the harmony of the country and can also danger the sovereignty of a nation.

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