Introduction to Moot Court (For beginners)

Hello everyone, in this article we’re going to talk about Moot Courts. While doing so we aim at helping you with different skills which are required in order to perform well in Moot Courts.

What are Moot Courts ?

Moot Courts are nothing but simulated courts as you all would be lawyers you all would be required to learn the various skills which are required in order to litigate. Moots help you acquire them by giving you an opportunity to present arguments in a hypothetical case before a panel of judges. In other words, Moot Courts make you a lawyer even before you become one.

Why one should participate in it ?

Yes, participation in Moot Courts is important. Well, why do cricketers practice in nets. For perfection. Right ? Moot Court help you practice what you would eventually do once you pass out of law schools. In fact, not all of you might want to go into litigation that’s alright. But giving up on Moot Court activity is not a good choice. Moot Courts are the only arena where you will be able to acquire the skills of research analysis, criticism and oration.

Here are other five important reasons why you should participate in Moot Courts.

1.) Mooting makes you a lawyer.
It makes you a lawyer much before you become a lawyer. Moot Courts put you in the shoes of an actual lawyer, it makes you think and act like a lawyer which in turn has various benefits.
2.) Mooting helps you understand law.
It helps you to think and increase your thinking abilities like a lawyer. It will be
more capable of understanding various
theoretical aspects of law which are taught to you in your classrooms.
3.) Mooting adds the cherry to your CV.
Well, it all comes down to the two pages of seal doesn’t it. Mooting is widely sought after by various recruiters as the one that associates to have first-hand knowledge about practical mooting experience. And this gives various incentives to various students as well as recruiters to engage a lot into mooting activity and participate there in with thorough determination and commitment.
4.) Mooting makes you a speaker.
Speaking in public is not only tough it can sometimes be horrible. By repeatedly engaging yourself in moot courts your abilities to speak in public are surely going to increase.
5.) Mooting makes you …..
Well, you canfill it with whatever words you want. It can make you happy, it can make you confident or it can make you an all-round personality capable to engage in any legal battle.

Conclusion :-

There may be many more reasons to participate in moot courts all you need to remember is to participate no matter what whether you win or lose in a moot court. Hardly matters as long as you have something to learn from it so go ahead and enroll in your college in moot court competition and experience a bliss of it.




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