Justice and Dharma- An Analogy

If the orientation of Law is towards Dharma or Law of Nature then Justice is achievable. Mere embodiment of rules as per the society may be influenced by absence of Principle of Natural Justice.When the statements and acts of an individual are same, then it can be considered as the mind of that individual is tending towards purity. This purity and peace in mind will lead to peace in society. To establish peace in society the individuals can’t be ignored.This quest for peace will definitely need Justice.Thus Justice is achievable by modifying the conducts and state of mind of individuals rather altering and amending the rules and laws as per society.

Though society is growing but the question is that who is responsible for such growth??
Ultimately it is individual who transfers the knowledge from one generation to generation. Hence, the individuals must be concerned about the things which are being transferred to next generation.
The amendments are necessary but not at the cost of purity and originality of knowledge
The amendments must be concerned about the generations.If the amendments are for resolution of quick issues and problems then it will again create problems after some time. The amendments and alterations must be visionary and consistent with Principle of Natural Justice and Dharma.


Vineet Chaturvedi

Central University of South Bihar

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