Operation greens and rural life

Operation green is a Central government scheme which aims at ‘subsidizing transportation of crops from surplus production cluster to consumption centre ‘ and ‘subsidizing hiring of appropriate storage facilities. Previously tomato, onion and potato crops were covered under this scheme, but now 10 fruits, 13 vegetables cultivating farmers are benefited.

The overall objective of this initiative is to protect the farmers from “making distress sales” and “to reduce post-harvest losses”. These plans of government have very significant effect in lives of rural people. And due to favourable monsoon for Rabi crops harvest, there is rise in food productions.

These three points suggest the ray of hope for rural economy amid Corona epidemic: –
• MANREGA payout increases by 50% in financial year 2020-21.
• Labour participation improves in rural India.
• Tractor sales stabilises in May 2020.

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