State of World Population Report 2020

A report ‘Against my will: defying the practices that harm women and girls and undermine equality’ is released by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in the State of World Population Report 2020. The report is based on problems related to child marriage, son preference, gender bases-sex selection and female genital mutilation.
United Nations Population Funds is:
• United Nation’s sexual and reproductive health agency.
• It aims to create a world where every pregnancy is wanted and childbirth is safe.
As per its present report:
• One out of five girls is married under 18 year of age.
• India accounts for 45.8 million of the world’s 142.6 million missing females over the past 50 years.
• In 2020, an estimated 4.1 million girls will be subjected to female genital mutilation

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