cyber crime

Cyber Crimes

As the evolution takes place in India, the crimes will be evolved and there will be a need to have remedies to those crimes. One such new evolved crime is cybercrime. As the world is shifting to the computers, the crime rates related to the computer has increased. In 2020, the successful case of cyber …

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Cyber Crime against Women

“CYBER CRIME IS WAY TO JAIL AND CYBER SECURITY WAY TO AVAIL” This research study provides a review and analysis of the development of regulatory instruments statutes, recommendations, guidelines, etc. to protect privacy and related interests of women in cyberspace. These instruments form a field of law and policy that has attained considerable maturity, spread …

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Cyber Bullying

Technology, as we know, is a double-edged sword, where the users are continuously balancing between the risks and opportunities it offers. It is no longer just a cliché: we really are all connected, 24/7, no matter where in the world; we are mere one click away from our families, co-workers, classmates, idols, mentors, neighbors, and …

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