Cyber Crime against Women

“CYBER CRIME IS WAY TO JAIL AND CYBER SECURITY WAY TO AVAIL” This research study provides a review and analysis of the development of regulatory instruments statutes, recommendations, guidelines, etc. to protect privacy and related interests of women in cyberspace. These instruments form a field of law and policy that has attained considerable maturity, spread …

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Permanent Commission for women.

Centre received one month extension to implement the Supreme Court decision to grant permanent commission for women Army officers serving under the Short Service Commission (SSC), the said deadline expired in May 2020 but citing the COVID-19 Situation Centre moved an application before the SC on which it agreed and extended the deadline. 494

Feminine Jurisprudence in India

Feminine Jurisprudence in India “Though the constitution guarantees gender equality, it has not been implemented in the country, in spite of more than 60 years of independence”                                                                                                                                         —-Justice V. Gopala Godwa Gender biasness started to show its colour from later Vedic periods and it is now prevalent in almost all societies of the world. …

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