The Draft Environment Impact Assessment Norms

India is signatory of Stockholm declaration on Environment, at the same time India has its environmental control laws namely ‘Environmental (Protection) Act, 1986 which is aimed to safeguard environment from misuse and promote goals of sustainable development. EIA notification is delegated under Section 3 of the same act. EIA rules explain that ‘any project regarding construction requires environment clearance through screening process at that time public scrutiny is required.
But the intended amendment of 2020 in EIA tends to limit the public engagement in safeguarding environment. Previously security and national defence projects were exempted from public scrutiny but now strategic project are added in the same exemption clause and it will be discretion of government to choose so.
We, the environment of India have solemnly resolved to constitute India, a healthy nation, and secure it to all beings. Environment is nothing but us. It must be our call and any kind of discretion will amount to breach of our natural rights.



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