UP felon Vikash Dubey might not have anyone mourning his death during a stage-managed accident seminal fluid encounter, accountable as he was for several killings, the last being of eight policemen. However will this sit simple on the conscience of the police, that has place out the foremost outrageous and inconceivable theory of his decide to escape, one that triggered it to fire. Is it not its job to deliver the offender for courts to heard. It indicate that the political patrons of Dubey and their defender policemen had an excessive amount of to lose had the Don spilled details of the unholy politician-criminal nexus that has entrenched itself within the State during a reciprocally selfish manner. It injury Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s image of a direct leader with intolerance for corruption and mafia, for good, considering he was in person oversight Dubey’s case or is it that his individual can stands no likelihood before of systematic imperatives, that his party, too, has supported. Dubey himself was sensing that he would be eliminated, what with the police asserting the bounty on his head and 5 of his aids killed in organized eventualities. However his protectors and creators were frightened that with all the media attention on his arrest, he may have simply spilled the beans or leaked prized info so that they got eliminate him. This haste is difficult for the easy reason that had the police followed processes and designed a solid case on killing of their colleagues in Kanpur, they might have anyway got the death sentence for him. Even presumptuous that some among the forces had tipped Dubey concerning an at hand raid, that he used as entice to ambush the cops, the UP police may have used his past crimes to justify the severest penalty. Why did it feel therefore deprived and compromised to ignore the provisions of law and shoot to kill? Unless the lads in uniform were told to play public executioner. The unhappy half is that the main focus has currently shifted from Dubey, the criminal, to Dubey, the victim of police excesses, and no-one is even discussing the atrocious nature of his crimes. This, too, is then an equal travesty of justice.


According to UP police, whereas Dubey was being transported back to the State, one amongst the cars within the colony upturned. Taking advantage of true, he allegedly tried to grab a weapon and break away the scene, following that the police opened fireplace and shot him. Most of the Dubey’s aides died in such “encounters” once “attacking” the police attempt to “escape”. It matters very little why the policemen “conveniently” forgot to secure their weapons as per rules, didn’t handcuff Dubey or however he managed to flee from an upturned automotive with door shut. The police theorists additionally forgot to issue however automotive that skids on a swish tarmac doesn’t leave wheel marks.


In the end, several queries are left hanging like aerosols that disintegrate on the far side an exact purpose in time. Political leaders and executive promoted the mobster’s criminal empire and his clout? Or that Netas area unit committed criminals within the state?


“Dubey, has been patronized by the ruling BJP and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) at numerous times, had these days tried to curry favor back with the BJP, Except intensifying caste wars for vote bank consolidation, he was additionally a fast supporter of land and business deals that political parties, their sponsors and bureaucrats found enticing. So, the UP government making an attempt to shield.”


India may be a democracy finally and even criminals with such discouraging rap sheets like Dubey’s have right to justice, illustration and being detected during a court of law. Besides the Supreme Court has declared encounter killings as unlawful. However it’s terribly obvious that the Adityanath administration and senior Ministers had given their implied approval to the current “encounter culture” that abounds within the State as will police exemption. And with the killing of Dubey, one wonders if Adityanath is so serious and flushing out criminals and improvement up the police at a similar time. If we have a tendency to don’t break the politico-police-criminal axis, cleansing isn’t potential. During a society ruled by the rule of law, the death of a policemen cannot be punish by encounters of criminals. Considering the dimensions of Dubey’s crimes and also the involvement of presidency officers and politicians, the authorities ought to have entrusted the probe to an freelance and impartial agency in real time once the arrest of the Don and his henchmen. However it looks the government, too, is making an attempt to shield somebody, somewhere and has given the police authorization. Can we ever know the Truth?


Central University of South Bihar

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