Why should medical students go for MBBS abroad?

MBBS is one of the most prestigious degree a person can acquire, more than a degree, it is basically a dream for many individuals. Thousands of students who aspire to be a doctor prepare for medical entrance examinations every year in India. And it is onlhy logical to think that not all can succeed.

            Apart from those who get selected for college admission in India, a few aspirants go abroad to get the medical knowledge in countries like Russia, China, Nepal etc. And since the human anatomy does not differ according to the nationality, the knowledge that they acquire will be useful in every part of the world, unless we have some aliens among us.

Some of the major reasons as to why should medical students go for MBBS abroad are:

i. Job Opportunities- The students who study abroad are more likely to get more exposure as compared to that of students from a local college, which helps them land a high paying job in foreign countries.

ii. Learn cultural diversity- Since the universities whether local of foreign contains students from across the globe. Studying alongside them will most certainly lead to cultural exchange and it is important for the international relation.

iii. Budget friendly- Education can be very expensive in almost every country, however, there are a thousand of colleges around the globe, which means people from different economic classes may choose any foreign college as according to their budget.

iv. Direct admission- Foreign universities admission processes are comparatively less troublesome. And they also offer admission without entrance exams, which leads to one less obstacle between the students and MBBS degree. The seats are plenty with flexible eligibility criteria.

Despites multiple benefit, there are however a few cons of pursuing MBBS from abroad too. For example, every medical graduate are required to take the Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE) to practice in India. This Exam basically evaluates the students whether or not they are skilled enough to practice medicine. The difficulty level of FMGE is also tough.

            Apart from everything, If a person want to pursue his dream of becoming a MBBS doctor, the borders must not stop them, India government has already set up the procedure following which an aspirant could do so. And the pros of pursuing it abroad are comparatively higher than the cons.

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